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4 Benefits of Low Cadence Pedalling

I previously posted about the benefits of high cadence pedalling, today is about the benefits of low cadence pedalling. Both have a place in a training program.

Here are 4 benefits of low cadence pedalling:

Increased muscle activation:

Lower cadence pedaling recruits more muscle fibers, including slow-twitch muscle fibers that are important for longer endurance activities.

Increased muscular endurance:

Pedaling at a low cadence puts more strain on the muscles and requires them to work harder, leading to improved endurance over time.

Better bike control:

Pedalling at a lower cadence can make it easier to maintain control over the bike by improving your stability and balance on the bike, especially on challenging terrain..

Increased power output:

Pedalling at a low cadence generates more force and torque, leading to increased power output and efficiency.

Note: Low cadence pedalling can also have some disadvantages, such as increased fatigue and reduced efficiency. However, being able to switch between high and low cadence pedalling will make you a more efficient cyclist no matter what you ride. It’ll also give you the ability to quickly adjust to different terrain and conditions as the need arises on your rides.

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