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Endurance training and nutrition for Adventure athletes

Teresa Edgar Endurance Coach Ceridwen Coaching Courtenay BC

1:1 Coaching

We offer 1:1 coaching for people wanting customized training and nutrition programs!

Ceridwen Coaching - Endurance Training & Nutrition Coaching - Courtenay, BC

Nutrition Coaching

Struggling with proper fuelling? We can go over your nutrition to help you optimize your fuelling and recovery.

Strength Training

Strength Training

Strength is essential for those power moves! Try our virtual strength training programs that have the endurance athlete in mind.

About Us

Based in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, our coaches love the outdoors as much as you do! We’re avid cyclists and ride everything: road, gravel and single-track. We’re also avid kayakers and hikers. With our coaching, you can improve your speed and endurance. We can also help you with your nutrition for fuelling and recovery for all of your backcountry and cycling adventures.

We start by assessing your goals and timeline to come up with a plan that works for you and your schedule. From there we monitor your progress and make tweaks to the training and/or nutrition plan to keep you on track. We offer unlimited email support and can schedule video calls, as needed!

Our Coach

Teresa Edgar Endurance Coach Courtenay BC

Teresa Edgar

Teresa is a certified strength and conditioning coach (ISSA-SSC) and a certified nutrition coach (NASM-CNC). As an avid cyclist, hiker and former kayak guide, she draws on her own personal experience to help her clients prepare for endurance events or just meet their own personal goals.