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5 Tips to Boost Your Fruit and Veggies

This is something I see a lot people struggle with. We concentrate on meeting our protein targets and fuelling our workouts, but we forget about our fruit and veggies…

Fruit and veggies possess health promoting nutrients. And they help your body recover by decreasing inflammation!

A lack of fruit and veggies in your diet can lead to fatigue, muscle damage, decreased immune function, and decreased muscle strength. All of which affect your performance.

Below are some easy ways to increase your intake. Your body and health with thank you!

Tip 1 – Liquid Love

One of the tastiest and simplest methods of increasing vegetable intake is by making soup. You can also blend some fruits and veggies into a delicious smoothie!

Tip 2 – Pack the Dish

Most meals that have a sauce base, such as a curry or a bolognese, offer the perfect opportunity to pack the meal with vegetables without the realisation that they are even there.

Tip 3 – Substitute

A good method to increase vegetable intake is to substitute carbohydrates with creative vegetable alternatives such as courgetti, cauliflower rice, grated carrot, zucchini noodles, among others.

Tip 4 – Make them Sexy

Making your fruit and vegetables “sexy” is probably the most important of all. Why? Nobody likes bland, tasteless food! Add some sauce or spice to make them more exciting! Or use dips like hummus and tzatziki, which are also vegetable-based themselves.

Tip 5 – Make them Visible

When you see a food, the likelihood of you eating that food increases greatly. This goes for almost all foods, healthy and unhealthy. Get a fruit bowl! Put out a veggie platter! You get the idea…

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