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5 Mistakes That Affect Training Progression

Training progression will often stall for people and usually it’s because they’ve missed the mark on some crucial things needed for effective training gains.

Some things that might be happening include:

  1. Skipping meals – This will result in not consuming enough calories or meeting protein targets.
  2. Dependence on highly-processed food – Processed food isn’t necessarily bad, but the food is likely low in protein and isn’t providing the energy and nutrients needed for effective training sessions. It’s crucial to read the labels for ingredients and nutritional breakdown of these foods.
  3. Protein timing – This happens all the time. I call it majoring in the minors. Making sure to get the protein shake within minutes of a workout, but then under consume protein for the rest of the day. For maximum muscle protein synthesis, protein needs to be eaten in 20-30 gram portions throughout the day, and not just one mega-dose.
  4. Relying on supplements – When it comes to making gains, we have a pyramid of priorities. Supplementation is at the top, which means it is the last priority, basically optional. No supplement will provide the benefit that doing the basics (energy surplus, daily protein goals and progressive training) will deliver.
  5. Unstructured Training – For progress, training programs require consistency. This requires a structured training program. It also works as a measuring stick so you can see the progress over time, some things are less noticeable in the short term but have great long term benefits!

If your training progression has stalled, contact me! As an endurance coach, I work with athletes of all levels, from beginners to experienced competitors. 

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